Sunday, January 28, 2007

nothing really...

I realize the majority of my latest posts, or I guess a handful of my posts in general, have been regurgitated materials through various sources. I would love to sit down and write something insightful, rather than post some pictures of recent happenings or a mundane perception into nothing, but I'm struggling with clarity right here's a quote that I hope stimulates.

"I believe that true education accepts the greatness of a personality and corrects small errors, or brings incompleted thoughts to conclusion." - Rudolf Steiner

Stay tuned for the aforementioned meaningless posts...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 17, 1984 - My Dated Confinement

Here are some photos from my annual formal parturition bowling extravaganza. Plus a couple shots from dinner. Yup.
And I bowled a turkey, but I git doze uvery time...nawaddimesayin!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Catching Up

Its been a few weeks. The Holidays can become hectic, people become lazy, disinterest, blah, all those reasons are my excuses for lacking on the updates. But to be honest, not much has happened...skiing around Utah, going to Jazz games and moving out of my house sums up everything. Regardless, here are some pictures from the past few weeks. We all love to look at pictures. Love on...

My beautiful madre on Christmas day at Sundance.

G'd up T-Bird at her paintballing birthday party.

We called Chris the Christmas Killa that night. That sweater reigned down paintball fury upon anyone who looked at him.

Jordan bush whacking on an interesting feature we concocted.

Footy review.

Kaboom. Happy New Year.

Provo Peak via Christmas tree strand.

Utah has good sunsets.

Freeway sunset.

Karaoke with Teen Wolf.

Angry people.

Nose bleeds get the ball toss.