Friday, March 28, 2008

Hear's Reggie...

Reggie Watts is a musician. Here is a picture of Reggie I found on Noah Kalina's site. It made me smile. Hope it did the same to you...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Real Rain Man

I came home early from Switzerland pretty much due to...rain! I now have an internet connection that can support some bandwidth. I could fill you with some mundane stories and photos about the trip (which will probably happen in the future), but I would rather go back to the beginning while I was still in Utah and tell you about the best "celebrity sighting" I've ever had. Waiting in the airport before my flight, I heard a familiar voice across the hall and was super psyched to see Kim Peek. If you don't know who Kim Peek is, he is the real Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman played Raymond, the fictional character from the movie Rain Man, which was inspired and written around the real life of Kim. Watch this 5 part series about him on YouTube. He and other savants are so interesting and the window they give into the human capacity is amazing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am in the land of pocket knives, watches, chocolate, ski patrol insignia and Nicolas Mueller. Seems as if Europe has been trying to pick itself back up after these past few seasons of no snow and warm temperatures. I pretty sure it hasn't found its feet quite yet. I've been competing on a ski resort, in the rain, but still warm despite my soaked figure. I hope Europe at least finds a knee or something to rest on, because its kind of ridiculous here with the weather. And my internet is a bit ridiculous too. Slow like the dickens, so I'm unable to post anything to look at beside text. You can follow this link though and look at some pictures of clouds, precipitation and maybe a tiny bit of skiing...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Salt Lake City Guns!!

Did this little bit last week with Ski Salt Lake. It was the Ski Salt Lake Photo Shootout with some local and flown in gentlemen in front of and behind the lens. Here is an article on it...
Didn't fare so well, but still had some fun with Damian and Threadway. Thanks to both of you.

And here is a teaser by some more SLC gents. Good work Eddie...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bright Eyes

Was listening to SomaFM this morning and they played this Bright Eyes song I hadn't listened to in quite some time. Super powerful, one of my favorites from him. Apologies for the lack of motion in the youtube video, but I guess you can concentrate on the words a bit more than waiting for something visual. Its a big rant by Conor, but I enjoy it...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hammer time at Brighton

Since home from Colorado I got back into some realness of skiing. Enough double flips and manicured features. Nico with The Levitation Project has been getting us early ups at Brighton to get into the hammer zone. Heres a couple shots from the fun ish that has been going down...
Millicent + the moon + sunrise light makes waking up at 5:30 easy.
Rachael Burkes is the gnarliest girl I know, by far. We can talk about Star Wars all day long. Here she is about to unleash her Jedi fury upon all in her sight.
Adam is eventually going into fashion photography. I think those hipster fashion model kids will welcome his femininity gladly.
I like my Joystick Edgar's a lot. Genuinely the best glove I've worn in a long time.