Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Real Realness!!!

Double post with the Surface blog, but hot damn this was awesome to see. Watching the progress of Mike Aitken over the past months has been amazing and to see him back on his bike was really really cool to see. His smile says so much, its amazing.

I want also provide a link to Riley Poor's recovery blog for those of you who haven't located it. Its great to watch his progress and we all hope to see a similar video of Riley back on his skis.
Stay strong!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Realness

Alright, sorry, sorry. Been a bit too much tinkering with my iphone. I'll put up something more visual this time around and check back on those previous posts. I'll be sure to attach those photos that were supposed to tag along first time around.
As for now...I was supposed to go to Japan yesterday for the Nippon Open. Didn't happen. Bummed. They went ahead and changed the slopestyle to a big air/quarter pounder with cheese event. And since my bag of vert tricks is nil, I decided to reroute myself. Maybe some Idaho is on the radar or maybe some Montana or maybe keeping it OG in Utah is the plan, but I am bummed I won't be making it to Japan. So to replace some blog posts from Japan here is a video of one of the best Japanese exports ever. Enjoy.


Got to the bottom of doesn't work with blogspot accounts...yet. So the mobile updates will be text only...for now. Boring...I know. And one last ellipsis before I say...adiós. Adiós.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Beta Version

Trying to get my phone dialed in. I guess that last post was a bit of a failure. After some research and application let's hope it works this time.
This photo is from the beginning of my walk up grizzly gulch yeterday. Good day. More to come...if this works.

Monday, February 16, 2009

As my brother calls it...Pokey.

Not too long ago I updated my phone program. It was a lose lose situation for me, I have a handful of people who make fun of me for being on my phone too much and another handful of people who made fun of my old phone. I'll have to await their reactions now. Anyway, my new phone allows me to update this blog from cellular space so this is my first go at far so good.
The attached photo is from my day yesterday. We hit a jump in Flagstaff. It was fun. Good to get a solid shot. But now I'm in a car driving to Pocatello, Idaho. We're going to hit handrails, I hate handrails. I would much rather scare myself on snow than concrete, but I decided to hop in the ship and go regardless. Paco, Skian, Steez and myself are in one car while Hennie and Schlopy are leading the pack in another. Current music of choice is Panda Bear. More updates from the road after the jump.

Post script update:
Mistake. I don't think I can upload photos quite yet with my phone. I'll get the kinks worked out and come back with more.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For more funny stuff click here.
For more stuff from Blake...wait some more.
Oh and here's a picture of some home made pasta I made with my mom a while back.
Scrumptuous eats.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Lots of good stuff going on right now that I'll get a bit more in depth with soon. But I have to steal this post from another blog...too funny to pass up.

"i would guess this is what its like to kick it with the three 6 mafia... i mean, if they were 5 year old white kids, which they are not, or are they? i don't know too much about rap music really."

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


When everyone is trying so hard to spice up their kit, its not always the newest thing that will make the mark. It might take some rewinding of the clock. Heres the next one for the try hards... Daaaammmmnnnnnn! Blowing goggle saggers minds right there.

And thanks for the remarks Grete! Quality over quantity right? Now the trick is making those two mold like some eggplant and parmesan! Ya dig?

Monday, February 02, 2009


Steelers won. Good job.

Here were my two favorite commercials from the event...

But to see my favorite part of watching the game click...HERE!!!