Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Realness

Alright, sorry, sorry. Been a bit too much tinkering with my iphone. I'll put up something more visual this time around and check back on those previous posts. I'll be sure to attach those photos that were supposed to tag along first time around.
As for now...I was supposed to go to Japan yesterday for the Nippon Open. Didn't happen. Bummed. They went ahead and changed the slopestyle to a big air/quarter pounder with cheese event. And since my bag of vert tricks is nil, I decided to reroute myself. Maybe some Idaho is on the radar or maybe some Montana or maybe keeping it OG in Utah is the plan, but I am bummed I won't be making it to Japan. So to replace some blog posts from Japan here is a video of one of the best Japanese exports ever. Enjoy.

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