Thursday, August 23, 2007

El Gringo

Made it to Las Lenas, Argentina. Place is crazy. Very remote, ominous and real. But at the same time it is the ski destination for the South American elite. It feels like an oxymoron...hopefully that gives you a sense of here. I wish I could post pictures, but the internet can't handle uploading photos. I'm down here with The Levitation Project ( The first couple days were super productive, but this seems to be the land of horizontal snow. So the good snow we had, has now been relocated to somewhere else in the Andes. Another storm is forecasted and it seems to be trying. Hopefully it continues. I'll have some more insightful content sometime in the near future.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lost in Translation

Have I already used that title?? Not sure...

I'm on my way to Las Lenas, Argentina. I have never been to the Southern Hemisphere before. Traveling is crazy. I have been consistently thunderstruck by experiences in foreign places. We have been traveling for more than 53 hours and still have many to go. Hopefully less than more. Being stuck en transit is fun, but arriving at your destination is gratifying. I love Argentina and its people.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chez Moi

I have made it back into the States, Utah to be exact. My body was craving the hot, dry air, but after an estimated 17 hours of it, I was ready to retire to a cooler, more humid setting. I'm still waiting to find that place.
Utah is hot...really hot. I forgot the feeling of a soggy, sweaty car seat or vehemently using lotion so your skin feels somewhat moistened. I also forgot the feeling of massive 10+ passenger SUV, with one occupant and their massive ego's ruling the road with their poor driving skills. Utahn's love their wide roads. I wonder which of those begat which.
On a more positive note, I came home just in time to see Mike and Lisa Schneiders new baby girl before she turned a day old. New life is crazy!!!

Plebeian Living pt. 2

I am back to my old rushed lifestyle, but here are some pictures of more mellow times. I miss the canoes, the clean air, and the patience lessons taught through dial-up internet.