Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Red Bull Cold Rush

I've had my eye on this event ever since it's inception a few years back. It's always stood out as one of the most appealing contests in terms of participation, creativeness and, cliche but true, progressiveness. If unfamiliar with the Red Bull Cold Rush, pretty much what they do is take a handful of skiers, put them in a big mountain setting and have them ski the terrain, cliffs and jumps as well as possible. Then all the participants decide who they think skied it the best and to the victor go the spoils. Thanks to Daron Rahlves, Michael Spencer and few others, I was one of the lucky 14 to get an invite this year. This Sunday I'll be hopping in my car and motoring on over to Silverton, CO. I'll try to keep the updates coming next week throughout the event, so check back or head on over to the official Red Bull Cold Rush site to get all the nitty gritty.



Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Little Movie That Could

There have been talks of the Surface film, Walks of Life, floating around for a couple years now. I think a teaser was even made at some point a few years back. But, last fall I started getting little glimpses of the aloof final product from Surface's buddy, Paul Braunstein. After a few weeks of chatter around the Surface office, a premier was decidedly organized for the movie to be shown to the masses (a.k.a. whomever happened to be around one frosty night in SLC) and now after another few months of waiting (luckily 3 months is much easier to handle than 3 years), it's finally available to watch on the intertubes.

Good work Paul! And here's to hoping we don't have to wait another few years to see the next edition from Surface...