Friday, August 28, 2009

"Share the same space..."

Home. Good trip. More to come about that soon, as promised. But for now, here is the weekly unload of other people's content...

Alex Honnold free solos Half Dome from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

And to go along with that last David Byrne video, here is my favorite song of the summer and then some.

And last but not least is this video...I'll keep it smaller so it doesn't hurt your eyes too much. So stupid...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Check It Off

I don't know how or why I developed this desire to have my name mentioned on the TransWorld Business site, but it happened today! Its a pretty insignificant mention, but hey, its a mention so I'll count it. Read the hype here.

Also, headed out on another adventure tomorrow. Extended weekend road trip. Zions x Las Vegas x Grand Canyon x Bryce Canyon with a handful of other random stops throughout. I'll come home with some good stories, images and experiences.
Perhaps sometime in the next couple weeks I'll actually put together an in depth super post of my recent travels to X Games, Utah adventures and this upcoming road trip. As for now, here are a bunch of random photos from my iPhone of things I've done over the past couple months...
Keep in touch!

I helped Pep build a deck at his house. Here's a small view of the huge task he took on. Looked great as a final product.

Jordan Seldin works as a Pyrotechnician in the summers. He needed help with a firework show, so I gave a helping hand and learned a bit about things that go boom.

Feeding birds in Zion is for the birds.

This is where we conduct our Surface business meetings.

My brother has this old Miami Vice bullet bike. Scares the ish out of me, but I've got to get scared somehow during the summer months...

Surface's new product run is looking tip top quality and super fun.
Goodbye Burbank.

My Madre cooks some damn good meals. Eggplant x Mozzarella x Basil.

Utah Olympic Park. Got to keep my tricks up to date.

Mighty beasts. Horses are rad.

You spin me right round baby right round.
The newest Nyman sister and my little brother.

Deer Creek. My muse for the summer.

Estaban and his fiance. Squeezing a few more stand up paddle board days in.

Q-Tip. By far the best concert I've been to this summer. Surprisingly.

Summer sunset over a parking lot.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Once again, this seems to be happening more frequently (I need to spend less time on my computer), but my tabs are getting way too full. So here is the weekly dosage of some random pictures and projects that I found interesting...

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

Eggs and Sausage from Jackie Lay on Vimeo.

snail impact from Massimiliano Rigano's on Vimeo.

The Soliloquist from Keats on Vimeo.

Will Wissman Photography - Clouds -

New Yawk -

Super Soaker nerd -

National Geographic archive -

Saturday, August 15, 2009


There are two radio shows that I really love, This American Life and RadioLab. I highly suggest getting your ears on those. Both are many many things and I could list all sorts of adjectives to describe them, but I'll sum them up with these two; captivating and educational. Not necessarily the most amazing adjectives, but if you think about it, those two words can encompass a huge deal of things. Anyway, in short, they're good. Take my word for it.
Now to the real point. RadioLab has a blog that I'm subscribed to. A post came up today that includes the video below. The video shows many quick clips of experiences throughout life. Some of them personal that we can or will eventually relate to and some of them a window into the experiences of someone else. This little piece ties in with the RadioLab piece they've been doing on life and more specifically, the after life. It really struck me as I watched it and caused me to reflect on some of my own personal "moments" and inspired some nostalgia for some long past.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Dumps Like a Truck

I'm sick of trying to embed videos and they get cut off because the blog format isn't wide enough to accommodate them. So I changed it up a bit. Any other suggestions, feel free to let me know... And if anyone has any insight on if or how you can post mp3's on here, hollatcha boooiieeee! Please.

More to come soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Love You So

By now I'm sure we all know and are extremely excited about Spike Jonze's x Maurice Sendak's upcoming release, Where the Wild Things Are. I honestly can't wait. That book was probably a large influence on me as a kid, inspiring many a "wild rumpus" through the forests outside my back door.
I've been trying to keep up to date on the happenings of the movie, which eventually led me to another Jonze project, We Love You So. I'll let the description on the site tell the story...

In October 2009 Spike Jonze’s feature film rendition of Maurice Sendak’s classic story Where The Wild Things Are will hit movie theaters worldwide. The film represents years of work from hundreds of different artists, writers, photographers, musicians, actors, and creators of all degrees. This place has been established to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make this massive project a reality.

Simply put, this a place to learn about things we think are great and to share with you the things those things helped make. Wild Things indeed… And also probably a lot of other randoms things that catch our eye along the way."

So I wanted to regurgitate that to my readers. Its a rad and interesting site. Thought you might like to keep up to date, as I have been. Here's a video from one of their more recent posts as well as a great childhood picture of me and my brothers.

We Love You So. Enjoy.

Chlorophyll Skin from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.

Monday, August 10, 2009


A few weeks back a friend of mine, Will Price, informed me about a project/cause he was involved in and had a great passion for. I don't know much about autism, but enough to know that its a large problem. I met Will last summer while hiking in Southern Utah. He's 78 and was cruising through Pine Creek with the rest of us. I later found out he's a local young shredder at Snowbird on a regular basis. The guy had energy and could hang with the young bucks. Super impressed. Seeing the amount of energy Will had on the slopes, I wasn't surprised at the energy he had off the hill and with AutismOne. He definitely conveyed the importance of this project, which led me to join AutismOne and advocate it to others.
Will had a large hand in creating AutismOne, which is a online community that provides blogs, forums, radio, video, literature among other things to help educate and combat autism.
I haven't had much first hand experience with autism, but from what I understand it is quite prevalent and gaining momentum. So please help Will and the millions affected by joining the AutismOne community and become more educated and supportive of the ones in need.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Apologies to the Queen

Enough with that Twitter business. Back to multitasking. LA was good. X Games was fun. More stories and photos to come from that whole shibang. But to put out some content in the meantime, my RSS feeds have been filling up with some good stuff, so take a look and enjoy.

Revenge from lernert Engelberts on Vimeo.

This one is quite long and to be honest I've only seen the first few minutes, but it captivated me enough to share it on here. Got a soft spot for the ski content...

And three different photos that captivated me for three different reasons...