Saturday, May 17, 2008


Some photos from the drive home last week. Newport x Salt Lake...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Livin' at Levin's

In comparison to all the long stretches of road we've been covering over the past couple weeks, this last 6 hour stretch from Mammoth to Los Angeles went by relatively quick. I'm getting used to this road warrior habit. I guess if this skiing thing fails me then I'm starting to get a good taste of the asphalt. Being a trucker could be quite enjoyable.
Yesterday was the last day of filming on snow for the Joystick road trip. The walk from the hill to the van was full of nostalgia, but it was also very ephemeral due to the fact that my boots would soon come off and stay off to give my legs a needed rest.
Sent the little tyke Paco off this morning. He's got a nice handful of flights and a few handfuls of hours until he gets to lay low. Jordan, Anthony and myself have got a couple more days next to the warming Pacific before Anthony heads north and Jordan and I point east.

And on a more interesting note or to learn a bit more about something informative, type in and read some of his latest posts. Its good.

Heres some photos from Mammoth...

Garrett WiiKO'ing some other Wiitard.

Garrett grabbing a Wii bit of tail.

Bernard setting things off while in the forest moon of Endor.

Can't think of another applicable Star Wars caption.

Shin still angry. Maybe it can cheer up now that it won't see that boot for awhile.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Garrett the spiritual adviser, Bernie, Malone, Logie, XD, Pistol and the J Crew...good crowd here in Mammoth. We're getting some great content for the film. Headed to Lost Angeles on the morrow. More to come.
On the way out here is a photo from Sage Cattabriga's digi journal. Some heaviness going on in the Hotel...