Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Black Angel of Death

This is where the angel takes the humans.
This is where the angel takes the humans junk.

This is where the angel takes the humans transportation.

He's only 22 and his life is out of control.

Art Brut - My Little Brother

Funny song. Find it and take a listen.

Time is Like a Broken Watch

My camera has been absent due to my father's borrowing of it. Not many pictures to share with you. Things have been pretty typical lately. Annoying weather. Not much productivity due to that. Waiting on people. Waiting on things to happen. Waiting on myself. Plenty of good ideas flowing. Wish they could be easier to make happen. Or that my resources were greater.

Now I'm rambling. I'm not sure what this post is about. Oh here is some random info...

I came across this magazine today. If you're into/intrigued/curious/seeking knowledge/inquisitive/flabbergasted about pirates, or need some visual stimulation, then i suggest you take a look.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Oohla and Palamino

A Canadian came to Utah. Weird. Aren't they supposed to stay in their own country?? I guess I was misinformed on that one. But I decided to lend a helping hand and show her around...
We went to where people make sound...
The Oohla's happened to be playing...
We had some dessert, but Abi (not Canadian) didn't know how to eat it. So she formed it into this beautiful piece of work...
We went to another show later in the visit. Friends are fun to have at shows. We listened to Palomino...

I decided I like Canadians and that they should be let out of their country regularly.

Snakes on a _______

J Lo was on the lens. Jordan and I were on the crazy sticks. Sunset was our area. It was a good day. Now its 60°F. We need more snow.

Tree guy
Mini rocker
I ♥ Joystick
Cornice. Corn ice. Cor nice. C or n ic e. Wind.

Identified Flying Object

See that space saucer looking cloud?? That means is supposed to snow...
...too bad this is an old photo. Bummer.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Steven bought a new camera. These are some results of that.

Jordan and Stump

2 pictures. Candid Jordan and an awkwardly poised Blake. Why do my skis look so short??

Power Out

This picture is from driving home from Brighton one night...
I was by myself driving down the canyon in a blizzard. The only thing visible, other than white streaking flakes, is the faded blinking brake lights of the car in front of you. Put in my favorite applicable band to the scenario and turned it up really loud. A little gripped from the terrible roads, but insisting on singing as loud as possible and being very energetic, despite the mph being somewhere in the 5-15 range. Being happy that you're in the canyon, no phone reception, no one to bother you, but having a small desire to have someone in the car to share this good time with. The wipers clean the glass for a brief second, giving you a small window of whats ahead, then they're pasted again.

I like these moments.