Friday, February 29, 2008

NAO pt. tooo

So the more important part of the competition happened...and weather got the best of me. But I was psyched to be there. Goal was to make finals, met that. Fun to experience the competition scene after being rogue for two years. Maybe have a couple more in me before the year is out. Thanks to Josh Bishop (newest Surface head and top notch chess skills) and Pat for the accommodations.
And thanks to Audi for giving my brother a car that has the capabilities of handling 125mph cruise control. Jeez.

Friday, February 22, 2008

North American Open

In the midst of my first competition in two years. Today was qualifiers...I qualified. I'm psyched. We'll see how the more important part of the competition pans out... Thumbs up.


I found this in a round about way, but it goes like lead me to John Symms' blog (, which lead me to his blog (, which then lead me to the discovery of me on a Joystick slide show from SIA. Anyway, I was happy to find myself on some sort of mega sports site. Sorry for the self indulgence.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is a webisode??

The Levitation Project just launched their new site. Good ish. A lot to look at, but check out the webisodes. They'll be posting plenty of mini shredits from the Levitation doings. Their first is from the Mica Heli trip we went on over the new year. A couple tease shots from the massive pile we got up there. Enjoy.

Blur-Good Song

Super rad video by Blur/David Shrigley. Meghan passed it to Mike, who passed it to me and now I'm sharing it with you. Enjoy. Thanks Meghan.


Comment I heard on the chairlift about a visually impaired skier from a group of ignorant kids...
"Why do they have blind people skiing?" (Said in a yuppie/ignorant tone)

Made me quite mad. I highly highly admire anyone who pushes themselves in such a manner and wants to exceed any sort of preconceived notion of their abilities. Kill the ignorance.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girl shake yo...

Q:What's green and sings?
A:Elvis Parsley
I don't get it.

Sledneck Wilson

I banged up a snowmobile a couple years ago. Since then I've been terrified of riding them. Only had two small rides since the accident. Mike Wilson invited me to go out and I found it to be a suitable time to get back on the horse and suppress my fear a bit. At first I was completely gripped and not enjoying myself, but the more I was in the saddle the more it came back to me. Psyched I stopped being a little baby, but I doubt I'll ride like Wilson anytime soon...
Also super happy with a new sponsor of mine, Skullcandy. Nice to have some mellow music to calm my nerves while I terrorize some animals habitat.

A toute a l'heureb!

After seven weeks of the Euro blood drinking the American beer they returned back to the land of culture and structure. All I got of the farewell were these two blurry photos...


Went to the butthole of America for some ski thing. I wanted to bring the Sid and Swede to see Vegas and how big of a mess it is. They were quite gaped at how fake that place is. But regardless it was a good/productive trip for myself and for Surface. We had some fun...
Anthony and myself making awkward faces. Who is the douche bag in the background?
Living the life of a retiree in Vegas. Take a drag off a cigarette, pull the level, sip the cocktail...drag, pull, sip. One day your luck with pay off.

R2D2 and C3PO

I thought I had been keeping better tabs on this thing, but I've been slacking quite a bit with plugging the digital world of my non-digital actions. January has been a busy birthday, a lot of ski, Paco and Eric wild times, SIA and such. Now to the photos...
Jordan looking gothic and cute in front of Superior.
It was frigid outside so Eric and I retreated to the warmth of the car and started placing bets on how far down the rail Paco would get.
Indoor surf center in Utah. Went there for my birthday. Nothing like surfing, but still super fun.

Eric the Swede.
Early morning on Cardiff with the Levitation Project. Branden Doyon getting his yeti on.
Hit this little air and had it fracture around me and waterfall. Was psyched on it.

GTSing a rail with the Sid and Swede.