Friday, February 29, 2008

NAO pt. tooo

So the more important part of the competition happened...and weather got the best of me. But I was psyched to be there. Goal was to make finals, met that. Fun to experience the competition scene after being rogue for two years. Maybe have a couple more in me before the year is out. Thanks to Josh Bishop (newest Surface head and top notch chess skills) and Pat for the accommodations.
And thanks to Audi for giving my brother a car that has the capabilities of handling 125mph cruise control. Jeez.


Zulkijora said...

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CHUNTZ said...

How cute Blakey has a blog!

ChrisTopher Thompson said...

What about your side kick bro? I thought I might get a little somethin somethin for being by your side and giving all that moral support.. Man, sometimes I'm just about positive I'm invincible to the whole G D world!