Friday, August 17, 2007

Lost in Translation

Have I already used that title?? Not sure...

I'm on my way to Las Lenas, Argentina. I have never been to the Southern Hemisphere before. Traveling is crazy. I have been consistently thunderstruck by experiences in foreign places. We have been traveling for more than 53 hours and still have many to go. Hopefully less than more. Being stuck en transit is fun, but arriving at your destination is gratifying. I love Argentina and its people.


Sara Jane said...

argentinaaa!!!!! I forgot.

Lauren is a Bryant said...

today at work I applied to school, signed up to be a "best buddy", drank a beer, made a new broker feel really welcome, and sent 12 work-related emails, as well as answered 14 phone calls.

Have a really spectacular time in Argentina. Keep your eyes heart and mind open wide :)

Lilly said...

What are you doing there?
Love the way you describe travelling..been there...done that....
one example: spending the night in
the Seattle airport...a real stretch for my health and sleep deprived body at that point.....:)

lesson learned: never again( for me at least);
Is it worth the cheap flight I got?
Nope.Health is paramount above anything...(for me at least);
know your potential and your limits as well...that gives peace of mind;

love Japan....and the Asian, Hawaii just brings that flavor; enchanted by the East!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever takes you there...(work, training? friends?) have a great learning experience in Argentina:)