Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chez Moi

I have made it back into the States, Utah to be exact. My body was craving the hot, dry air, but after an estimated 17 hours of it, I was ready to retire to a cooler, more humid setting. I'm still waiting to find that place.
Utah is hot...really hot. I forgot the feeling of a soggy, sweaty car seat or vehemently using lotion so your skin feels somewhat moistened. I also forgot the feeling of massive 10+ passenger SUV, with one occupant and their massive ego's ruling the road with their poor driving skills. Utahn's love their wide roads. I wonder which of those begat which.
On a more positive note, I came home just in time to see Mike and Lisa Schneiders new baby girl before she turned a day old. New life is crazy!!!


Lilly said...

life is precious indeed, human and in any other form

ChrisTopher Thompson said...

Human life is precious, other forms of life are only precious when accompanied by some A1 sauce and being shoved in my mouf.