Monday, February 16, 2009

As my brother calls it...Pokey.

Not too long ago I updated my phone program. It was a lose lose situation for me, I have a handful of people who make fun of me for being on my phone too much and another handful of people who made fun of my old phone. I'll have to await their reactions now. Anyway, my new phone allows me to update this blog from cellular space so this is my first go at far so good.
The attached photo is from my day yesterday. We hit a jump in Flagstaff. It was fun. Good to get a solid shot. But now I'm in a car driving to Pocatello, Idaho. We're going to hit handrails, I hate handrails. I would much rather scare myself on snow than concrete, but I decided to hop in the ship and go regardless. Paco, Skian, Steez and myself are in one car while Hennie and Schlopy are leading the pack in another. Current music of choice is Panda Bear. More updates from the road after the jump.

Post script update:
Mistake. I don't think I can upload photos quite yet with my phone. I'll get the kinks worked out and come back with more.

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steven said...

no photos doood. Your phone sux!!!