Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Real Rain Man

I came home early from Switzerland pretty much due to...rain! I now have an internet connection that can support some bandwidth. I could fill you with some mundane stories and photos about the trip (which will probably happen in the future), but I would rather go back to the beginning while I was still in Utah and tell you about the best "celebrity sighting" I've ever had. Waiting in the airport before my flight, I heard a familiar voice across the hall and was super psyched to see Kim Peek. If you don't know who Kim Peek is, he is the real Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman played Raymond, the fictional character from the movie Rain Man, which was inspired and written around the real life of Kim. Watch this 5 part series about him on YouTube. He and other savants are so interesting and the window they give into the human capacity is amazing.


Darina said...

i watched this documentary once upon a rainy day, and it is SOO good!! i can't believe you saw kim peek! good on you for recognizing him.

Anonymous said...

See here or here