Wednesday, May 23, 2007

lost camera, lost mind

Its been a few circles around the clock since I've posted. A once lost camera has now been found, which will definitely help with acheiving my consistency once more. The past has included a wide variety of emotions and experiences. The future holds an infinite amount of potential. We will see what happens...

The univers is made of stories, not atoms. - Muriel Rukeyser


Lilly said...

Very true... about the future.

Lilly said... the way..your brother HATES me, and I hope this is not a general family trend....lately. Oh well. Too bad.
I wish him well.
Hope life is treating you well in Canada or if you're back to UT.
Myself? Am going back strong to my dreams and goals after having left some work opportunities skip.... still hope to get a job that will allow me to go back and forth between U.S.and Italy and in the end....
I wanted to invite to see my blog, but don't have your e-mail address to invite you. If you are interested reply to this and tell me what's your e-mail.
if not, that's great as well.
Ciao, Mahalo.