Sunday, July 15, 2007

Plebeian Living

I'm living in the woods, next to a lake. I went canoeing yesterday.

I have been listening to records on a daily basis.

My internet connection is dial-up.

I've been eating a lot of granola.

I recycled cans/bottles for cash today.



Lilly said...

Dear King,
Welcome back;to enrich your
readings,understanding, and desire for a better world, please may I suggest the following:

he is a tremendous example for good, building from the good, not only looking at what doesn't work in this world.

Remember each person is a force for good, or for the opposite...

I hope you will consider the possibility to meet him if you like his philosophy, and action:

His name is WARNER WOODWORTH, he is there close to Provo. He is a man of God, he truly has done so much for many, many, in different corners of the world.

He is one of my eternal HEROS:)

Have done nothing to emulate his example, yet!,however, I will, I will:)!
Also may I suggest my humble view: at least you have much freedom having born in a nation, where you can choose to enrich your life with many oppportunities!!!!!

travel, work and educational opportunties,
and you can express yourself.

In some other nations, you know how hard it is...Many places, many places...first and foremost Sudan, and many African nations,but also in Indonesia, Middle East, etc.

Take care

Lilly said...

this page:

Take care,uhm, uhm....don't tell anybody that i wrote you or I'll be toast....:)))..please. this is for you,really.
you are a good soul, I just want to share. I couldn't resist.