Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man of this Town

Awhile ago, well actually quite awhile ago I went to the Salt Lake City Mayoral Debates. I went to support Keith Christensen and possibly be swayed by the other candidates, but it was so long ago that the primaries have already occurred. He didn't make it and none of the other candidates did much swaying. Can't expect much in the most Republican state of the Nation. Anyway, the reason for this post was the format for which the discussion panel took place. It was very interesting and productive. We were all logged into a website, if you had a question you would submit it on the site, then the other users would vote on the question. The higher the votes, the question would move up the list and vice versa. The question with the highest votes would be the next question asked to the panel. It was a great way to get your voice heard and have them address the issues that have the most general interest. Politics are crazy.

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