Monday, October 29, 2007

Old Man

Was sorting through some photos and I came across this one. We were on our way to Oregon for some skiing and right inside the border I found this guy collection cans. Seemed quite content with his path in life...

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Lilly said...

perhaps, is there a way to amend a disaster?
If only we all could talk. I wanted to say hi on Sunday but didn't find the moment, or the courage to.
801-427-4967 Please don't tell this to Steven or he will get a restrictive order and I can't get in trouble, first I don't deserve it, second, am going to Geneva, Switzerland in a few weeks, I got a good job offer, so can't destroy my life, although, I do care about making things at least peaceful again--can we all be friends again or acquaintance like we were last year.I miss Steven as a nice friend. Do you remember?
Sorry I know this is not the right way to contact you but am desperate and don't know how to talk to anyone without creating misunderstanding?
You can erase this after you read it but please do not tell Steven. He will get mad.