Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It was sometime last fall when I first saw this in an Adbusters magazine. It gives some great perspective and makes me feel like our national focal points are a bit lopsided.

Makes me think of that proverb, "Why do we kill people that kill people? Is it to prove that killing people is wrong?"
Here are some references to the above information as well...
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Lilly said...

Then look at this. For some crazy mistakes in the last year, had left a country I love the most (the US), which has given me an education, new freedom, and opportunities for development I can't express in few words here...yet, for a mistaken personal dream...I left her. Now I remember!!her even more, and would strive to choose her again and again, if I still could, a country that like none else! have these principles heartly spoken in this video, principles that are true, eternal and needs people to embrace them again, and I love "him" because of his humble upbringing. Someone like me can relate...perhaps, other can take this for granted! Not me, not him! We know the difference!!


Lilly said...

And don't worry this is my last comments of all, I have shared. I have already commented a lot, so goodbye.