Thursday, August 14, 2008

Truth is Out There?

Good day at work today. In the midst of the hussle and bussle a ruckus started to stir about something on the internet. Once it finally made my way I was so psyched to hear the news. They do exist...


ChrisTopher Thompson said...

Holy Fucking shit!!! What are we going to do? Do you think the Jazz will be able to play this year? If not I'm packin my fanny-pack with the essentials (tweezers, Q-tips, nail clippers, and my 22 which would for sure blow big foot in to a million fuckin pieces!) You are more than welcome to copy my criteria on what to bring because it is easily the most complete survival kit known to man, I know how hard it is to stay cool and calm when an 8 footer is coming to eat you. Right on buddy, we're gonna make it through this together . One final and the most important detail, bring as much spare change and cash that you got so we can get a couple 24 Nattys each night. The truth has finally made itself known, now it's time for you and I to go and destroy these mother fuckers!

anthony said...

you should have left a new post about how the dudes were lying and it was just a big foot costume in there with old hot dogs on top.


ps. this is spencer...hi brad!