Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I slowed down my concert going a few years back. Generally don't go after the shows like I used to, unless its one of those artists that you can't pass up. So on that note Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket and Nine Inch Nails all came sometime in August and I couldn't really pass them up. Had to take a small road trip to Morrison, Colorado to see My Morning Jacket at the Red Rocks Venue. Well worth it. Best venue in the States. I decided to pass up Sigur Ros the other night...hopefully there is a future opportunity to redeem myself. Anyway, here's some pictures...
Bobby doing his thing on the right. There was a torrential downpour that night, which added a great element to the show.

Jim James and company putting on one of the better shows I've seen. Red Rocks Amphitheater. Google it.
Trent Reznor and his mega bucks light show. Good stuff, but a little over produced.

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Pete said...

You gotta call me up next time you go to a show. Thea and I need to hit up a concert.