Friday, June 12, 2009

Ticking Away

After 10 days of mostly rain, the Surface: Walks of Life shindig has come to a close. Majority of people involved with Surface relocated to Mt. Hood for some shredding and filming at Timberline/Windells. J did a great job of keeping the Surface blog up to date with his photography skills, so I'm just going to snag some photos from him or steer you that direction to get a glimpse of the past week or more.
Thanks to Mike @ Surface for making it happen and providing for more than reasonable circumstances. Had a great time.
Enjoy the photos.

XD filling our bellies with some delicious Korean cooking.

Josh Bishop was one motivated SOB throughout the trip. Good on yah Josh, way to GTS.

The Polar Bear aka Jeff Kiesel is good. Really good. I like skiing with that kid.

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