Friday, April 30, 2010

Point & Shoot - Nine Knights

Here's another Point & Shoot edit for Nimbus of my trip to Nine Knights in Germany. Copy and paste of the movie description...
"There was this impressive little volcano in Iceland that decided to thwart Nimbus' plans with the Nine Knights event in Germany. Eric, Chris and Wiegand all pulled the plug, but I (Blake) decided to hold strong. I eventually made it, three days later than expected, but it was well worth the trip. Got to hit one of the funnest jumps I've ever hit, meet some good friends and fellow Nimbus shred, Bene Mayr. Learned some new tricks and got some great shots for the upcoming En Route webisode. This little edit gives more of a quick athlete's glimpse of what we were up to. For more in depth coverage and better videos, go to Thanks for letting me come be a part of your rad event Nico!"

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