Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1 Party System

This is an excerpt from an article I read about Democrats being no different than the Republicans. Here is the link if you wish to read the whole thing:
To the Killing Floor

...Maybe the punch-drunk American people are like the boozehound who gets turned away from Alcoholics’ Anonymous because he hasn’t bottomed out enough to be ready for a full-blown recovery. Maybe electing centrist Democrats ----rewarding a non-opposition party for having no real progressive positions and simply waiting in the wings for the Republicans to shoot themselves in their feet – only helps the bewildered populace continue to deny that the risk has been taken out of American “representative” democracy by a hostile, deeply entrenched corporate and imperial takeover. Maybe the people of “world’s greatest democracy” need to confront the irrelevance of their scattered and symbolic votes and their (actually quite progressive) policy preferences in a more graphic and serious fashion. Maybe they need a wake up call to help them understand that it’s going to take a truly massive and sustained popular rebellion – a damn near revolution – to bring justice and democracy to this dangerously unequal, imperial, and plutocratic mass incarceration state. Maybe they need something shocking to help them grasp the sad futility of quadrennial and biennial voting rituals conducted under what Marx rightly identified as the defacto "dictatorship of the bourgeoisie." Maybe you’ve got to suffer to become a sans culotte...

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