Friday, November 03, 2006


I searched for "communication devices" in Google and I came across this picture. I found it ironic, because I wanted to write about communication and how it is digressing, but this picture is showing the exact opposite. This blog is just another way to keep in touch or express myself digitally, rather than in the more primitive form of speak, touch, feel, etc... with real physical people and objects. Texting, email, phones, instant messaging, Myspace, and all the other ways of faux communication are everywhere and so easily accessible. People are forgetting how to communicate on a more personal and intimate level. I'm guilty as well, but having some sort of a conversation through texting or email is so easy, but as soon as you try to communicate to that person face to face, it becomes a much more difficult task, so you retreat back to texting. Your digital relationship is tip top, but as soon as your physical real relationship is put to the test, you're awkward and uncomfortable.
So I guess this is how I want to start my blog, by reminding myself and whomever comes across this, that we all need to improve our real relationships and get back in touch with the real world.

Time to be hypocritical...