Friday, December 15, 2006

movie + book + movie

Last night I had a movie viewing duo. An Inconvenient Truth and Ir77 were the two. It was a viewing that started out with a bunch of downers to turn around and watch some uppers. I've seen both before, but it really struck a chord with me last night. Watching a movie about global warming and putting it into a very very real perspective that gets you pretty bummed out on the situation, then watching a film about the anticipation, dedication, stories, pain and exhilaration of the industry that I am directly involved in and basing my life around. They are both super real and important to me especially because they apply so directly. So I suggest taking a look and learning...especially about contributing to fixing the problem so many of us are ignorantly part of. - learn a bit about what you can do. - some insight into the emotions of someone trying to make it in the snow industry.

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