Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I'm not advocating fighting, but I like how in skateboarding, the skateboarders are in control of their industry. They're not afraid to call out poor industry decisions that could potentially jeopardize their careers.
Bryon Friedman, a former US Ski Team member recently called out the Team due to some poor decisions made by the executives of the organization. Follow this link to read more...http://www.yardbarker.com/skiing/articles/US_Ski_Team_Comes_Up_Short_again/267646


Lilly said...

lots can be done. Indeed too many CEOs in the nnprofit sector are over paid. It is a shameful problem across this "industry". There are monitoring agencies that can increase the attention and therefore denounce malpractice in the NGO world... through media, etc...like it happened a few years ago with United Way, therefore, donors will be made aware, and restructuring will take place, meaning CEOs salary will need to be redefined!!

Eric From EL Salvador said...

I remember when Mike V's greatest hits came out...great video