Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Girl Talk

I stole this post from Vice's "Dos and Don'ts". Rung true to me and caused some laughter so I thought I would regurgitate it...

It's funny how girls spend tens of thousands of dollars on clothes and then getting new clothes and selling the old clothes, when the one we will always love more than anyone is that first girlfriend from 12th grade who wore the same shirt every day and had holes in the soles of her Chucks.

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G Russell said...

I dont know your email... But I just got back from Las Leñas and the spirits were stronger than ever. More alive to my surprise I found out about an old old tribe that used to spend time there...and started the Inca trail, but if there is anything. nothing but respect for that place and the energy you portray among all skiers. I cant wait to shred with you again!