Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brushing the Dust Off

Had my first day on snow last Wednesday. Was planning on a bit of a randonee, but couldn't find my needed tools, so we hoofed it up Brighton and slid some steel. Jordan made a video of his first hours on snow, but there are a couple shots of friends so I'm going to bogart that ish.

A few days down the road aka the weekend, Alta was giving away 500 vouchers to their resort if you brought in some outerwear to donate to the homeless shelter. Sean, having the great mind that he does, went to DI bought this little gem......to earn himself a free day at Alta. Little did he know 17,000,000 other people had the same brain capacity as he did but an alarm clock that actually worked. Needless to say, he dropped the baby saver in the snow and we made our way to Brighton. Fun day nonetheless. Thank you Earth for tilting like you do at this time of year and getting us all excited for the coming months.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the ski stoke. I'm stuck in AZ til the end of the week. Then it's off to CO as well. Keep the snow cold for me!