Wednesday, November 26, 2008

K-UTE Radio

Last week my good pal Pete Rugh invited me to be a guest on his weekly radio show at K-UTE radio. Pete created a show about a month back called Pete's Famous Friends wherein the criteria to be on the show is either famous by association, inheritance or accomplishment. He kicked off his first show with my brother Steven, then followed up with some NBA and music industry peeps then onto week four with me. Unfortunately while mid-interview the fire alarm went off and we had to leave everyone with some dead sound for a good chunk of time...the alarm ended up being the main guest of the show. So Pete's guest this week was Grete Eliassen and due to commonality of the subject I got another invite from Pete and played a small part as c0-guest/host. Thanks for the rebate Pete and if you're looking so some needed noise from the radio jump on over to K-UTE radio and take a listen.

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