Thursday, March 05, 2009

Baker Has A Death Wish...with nimbus

Seen that skate film by Baker? Its good. Anyway, made it to Mt. Baker. Its looking good and I'm happy to be here. Went on a little venture with the snowmobiles today to check out some zones, but why is it that every time snowmobiles come into play a problem generally arises?? I guess you have to deal with the inevitable bad to get to the good. Luckily it was only minor mechanical issues and we came out unscathed. Tomorrow is looking like good weather so it will be time to get to work.


Oh and I'm collecting a decent amount of photos on my iphone because my point and shoot is locked in Ian's care back home. So as soon as I've got some trusty wireless and the photos are on my computer, I'll provide something to see. Baker has got some rad terrain.

x2 sayonara.

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