Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Spread

Check out the Nimbus blog or Chris Benchetler's site to find out what happened with the Mammoth jump. I'll leave those guys to tell that story.

As for my post Mammoth story, we hit the road and headed back to Hood. We're in our last stretch of the season, which generally means spring time slush jumps and sunny day park features, but nearing Mt. Hood we had a pleasant surprise that kicked our heads back to a mid-winter mindset...

The video doesn't do the amount of snow falling much justice, but for any of you that have experienced or love driving in one of those Star Warsesque light-speed heavy winter storms, this was one of them. Love that Star Wars! Naturally our next move was to check weather and find out how long this storm was going to hang around...One more day of clouds, then the sun was scheduled to break. Good timing to build a nice jump in the clouds, followed by some fun in the sun.

Essentially I guess we followed true to the plan, but definitely had to have some patience while hitting the jump today. Sun was in and out, which can cause some mental anguish. Clouds are out, you can't jump, body temp drops, focus is in and out, losing patience, potential break in the clouds, quick panic, gear on ready to drop, waiting, waiting, wind is gusting, clouds break, check light, seize the moment, focus, mental clarity, dropping in 3,2,1, execute, happy?, content?, angry?, beat up?, hurt?, healthy?, stoked?, self criticism...repeat. The highs are highs and the lows can be lows, but I love it.

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the_spaniard said...

no joke, i discovered this blog like 2 hours ago and i've been reading it since. i don't know why. maybe it's because i'm sick and bored. or maybe it's cause you're my biggest influence as a skier. who knows. but seriously, wasting that much time on the computer was retarded. even though i am sick. you ski utah right? that's some good stuff. i'm coming there for college after this year, my senior year. oh and you're money at photography too. don't think i'm a stalker, i'm just a bored sick skier kid who hasn't seen snow since march and won't see it again till december.

-jamie smith