Saturday, April 04, 2009

Winter Project

A little over a month ago I had some friends post up at my place for a couple weeks. Adam Falk and Nicke Jacobsson, aka the Swedes. Adam and I met last year at the European Open in Switzerland and then ran into each other again in Colorado last December. Adam has been putting together some webisodes about his travels and Nicke has been there capturing the content. Pretty psyched on what they've been doing. So when Adam and I crossed paths in CO he threw out the idea of coming to Utah and doing a little we did and now a few weeks later, they've edited and put it up for people to view. Nevermind some of the audio in there, but its pretty entertaining.

Winter Project part 5 from Adam Falk on Vimeo.


Rob said...

Whats the name of the TNF jacket you are wearing at 14:30.

The brown one.


KingNyman said...

Its actually one of their rain jackets. Its called the Paradox. Or try this link...

Sean said...

Banks' room my ass.