Friday, April 18, 2008

Centennial +1

My 100th blog post isn't this one, but my previous. So heres to 101. Anyway, that stuff isn't interesting. Got back on my sticks today. Shin still a little tender, but I wanted to get one more day in at Whist before we headed out to Baker. Anthony had "stuff" to do, so Jordan, myself and our newest arrival, Paco......went up and hit a little rhythm line... Fun stuff. And here are some other visuals from the past few days...
Rob with the gap to roof...Jordan with this little diddy...Tony with the gap to mega flat...


Camii. said...


steven said...

Take care of thy shins
take care of thy back
take care of thy mind and dont do crack
float through the seas
fly like bees
and just remember to pollinate the apricot trees
I miss my brother
there is no other
that can tell a story to and from each other