Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Losing touch with the technological side of life can be very refreshing. You find yourself spending more time getting in touch with the realness. Unfortunately I'm not very good at embracing those moments. I'm trying to do better, but while you're on the road or in close living quarters you tend to get sucked into the digital escapade out of boredom. Thats my analysis. Once I'm out of the confines of our beloved minivan and back home in Utah, I definitely plan on spending some time in the wild...camping, biking, hiking, looking into the vast of stars above and philosophizing. Anyway, I'm not too sure what I'm rambling on about right now. Here are some in between photos of Mt. Hood-Mammoth over the past week...Packed like sardines.

Progression of surface enhancement gliders.

Step down hip at Timberline.

Nerd session.

Windell's BOB. Good ish.

Sessioning the Ski Bowl A Frame with Andy Mahre and the Hunting Yeit crowd.

Night mashed potatoes at Ski Bowl.

In the middle of nowhere. I don't get it.

The whip is getting some new shoes.

En route to Mammoth. Shasta in the background...

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steven said...

Planting a Garden in Heber? Studying the stars in Heber? Draggin Main in Heber?