Thursday, April 17, 2008


Before I went to the Orage Masters, I took a trip to Lake Tahoe with my brother. He is sponsored by VISA!!! ha. Lame. Racers...psfff. Anyway, he brought me along to a San Francisco 49ers charity event. They put us up in a nice hotel and had their scantily clad cheerleaders welcome us. Gold mini-skirts and pom poms don't really feel too welcoming in mountain settings, but oh well.
We bailed on the first days events and went to a friends house and had an amazing day making candles, homemade pizza (in a real brick oven), other wholesome treats and playing with dogs. That definitely was the best day of the trip. Thanks Lauren and Elsa.
The next day we were obligated to go to the dinners, auctions and blah blah blah. Interacting with massive guys that would most likely be the pristine warriors of our current planet, if it weren't for guns completely negating natural selection of the human race. But if you want to read more about that kind of interaction, go to Grete's blog... She recently attended a similar ordeal. But I did enjoying being a part of the event and it was real nice to spend some good ol' quality time with my good ol' quality brother.

I always enjoy boarding a plane from the tarmac. Feels more adventurous than walking down one of those weird portal arms.

And God said, "Steven create light! the form of a candle. Good job son."

My Mom's Dad used to own a pizza shop called "Heaps of Pizza". We were good at this...

Not my cup of tea, but I definitely wouldn't mind these guys' salary. Quality over quantity, right?? Right??

I skied Squaw Valley one day with Mike Wilson. We met up with Garrett Russell, Jason Levinthal and a bunch of the people that make up Line Skis. Good people, good fun. Too bad my camera settings were on manual and the barney photog botched the shot. This is as best as I could manage with some level adjustments...

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ChrisTopher Thompson said...

Who's the handsome bloke, second from the right with the tight pants. Oooohhhhh-eeeeee I like his style... Would you mind hookin me up with his number or something like that. Gracias