Thursday, May 20, 2010

California Dreamin'

I know summer is right around the corner and skiing isn't on too many peoples minds (including mine), but is hosting all the segments from Nimbus' Contrast...and for free! We're pretty sure some internet savvy, little brat of a kid was going to upload our movie to YouTube and show it for free anyway, completely disregarding all the rad powder skiing, awesome jumping, super fun snowmobiling and great times we had putting into this little gem...and the little bit of hard work. So, we decided to beat that brat at his own game and allow you to watch and even download the segments, for free. We won't send our money hungry, backstabbing, mega-corporate lawyers to your house with a subpoena so we can have your money. Promise. So go right ahead, download it, guilty free. And you're welcome.



Clickity click that link to watch and download any of them (as well as other Nimbus content) on

Here is the direct link to view/download my segment...

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