Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Meet Kenny Strasser, a new hero of mine. He's a professional yo-yo imposter. He tricks Midwestern news channels into thinking he's a professional yo-yo-er so he can get on the air.

"A strange, strange man has been showing up on morning shows throughout the Midwest, claiming to be a yo-yo trick champion. He is not. He is actually terrible at yo-yo. Yet he keeps getting on the air.

Little is known about "K-Strass," who goes by Kenny Strasser, or sometimes Karl Strassburg. He claims to be from Wisconsin (except when he doesn't). He claims to be from a broken home, with his own addiction issues (except when he isn't).

All we know is that K-Strass has shown up on television six times in the past month, showing off his yo-yo "skills" and generally embarrassing the hosts."

To see more K-Strass videos click here.

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