Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Point & Shoot - Hot Laps at Central Park

New Point & Shoot up by yours truly, courtesy of Nimbus Independent!

Been posted up in New York for a little bit. Wanted to get out on my first bike ride of the year, so I ventured out to the jungle within a jungle and took some laps around Central Park. It's pretty rad to be in the thick of The City, then a few blocks later feel like you're Robinson Crusoe-ing around some wild woods. Some indigenous species include; New York eagles (aka pigeons), junkies and Yellow Cab demon drivers. Also, contrary to popular belief, rollerblading is alive and well in the Big Apple. Skateboarders thought that species was extinct, but they just packed their bags and decided to assimilate solely to the little island called Manhattan. So glad you can spend a few minutes of your day, enjoying the scenery of this six mile lap in Central Park, New York, New York. Thanks friends."

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steven said...

Lil bro passing people left and right and you only got passed by 3 duders! not too shabby