Friday, May 08, 2009

Tick Tock

Made it back to Utah earlier in the week for a few days. Good to see some family and friends and sleep in my own bed. Unfortunately that will be the last visit to my home on Keller Ln. Had to move. The clock had run out and things had taken their turn. Time to flip the page. Moved everything I own into a storage unit and then hit the road again back to Oregon. Here's some photos from my brief time at home...

Getting buck wild one last time.

Cinco de Mayo!!

Curios what this Autobot's name was.

Geocaching with Pete. Good stuff.

Rando Fisheye.

Food, ferns and Trivial Pursuit.
Brothers cheering on Brother at the Bikeathalon.

Bang, bang.


B-Walt said...

good thing i didnt see you one last time....i would have cried...good luck with everything man i'll visit nd when u get married soon i better get the invite...uve always got a place to stay in LA or LBC wherever i is...on that note...sven and i might get our fish on this upcoming week..we'll see tho...peace! 1 love

Sean said...

I'll miss you brotha.